October 2009 Minutes

October 8, 2009 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Jerry Owens at 6:05, October 8, 2009.  There was a general introduction of all attendees.  Maggie brought in a sample of honey from her property in Montana for all to enjoy. 

Jerry presented several recent articles regarding beekeeping and colony collapse.  There was general discussion regarding the articles.  This discussion led to a discussion on feeding bees during the winter.  Several options on when to start feeding and the use of feeder boxes were presented.

 Jerry read and discussed the minutes of the first meeting for those who were not present. 

 The Rapid City Public Library has reserved the meeting room for the club for the second Thursday of the next two months (November and December).  After that they will require the appropriate documentation showing we are a non profit organization to allow us to use the room without charge.  The first step in this process is selecting the name of the organization.  Six suggestions were made as to the club name and through a show of hands vote, it was decided that the club name would be Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers.  The need for dues and the management of dues will be discussed at the November meeting.

 The question of what we want to do as a club was asked.  Jerry felt we should have a presence at the fair and also have speakers (such as commercial beekeepers) come in to speak to the club.

 There was discussion as to what the anticipated expenses of the club might be.  Following is a list of some such expenses:

  •           Central States Fair registration fee
  •           Brochures
  •           Banner (reusable with club name)
  •           Speaker fees
  •           Newsletters costs
  •           Annual fees to state ($30 initially; $10 annually)
  •           Membership applications
  •           Membership dues to other organizations
  •           Webmaster fees
  •           Mailing address
  •           Library expenses (building a club library)
  •           Magazine subscriptions

 Liability issues were also discussed briefly. It was also felt that the club should be involved in community efforts such as going into the schools.

In an effort to meet the requirement for filing for nonprofit status with the state it was agreed that interim officers should be declared.  The following officers will serve until an election is held in January: 

  • President—Jerry Owens
  • Vice President—Troy Dean 
  • Treasurer—John Halverson 
  • Secretary—Patty Pate 

 In an effort to get the club registered with the state, Jerry will work on getting the appropriate papers filed in December for a January 1, 2010 beginning.  Donations will be taken at the November meeting to collect the required $30 fee.  At the November meeting a membership application will be presented.  In order to get the club off to a good start, everyone is urged to come to the November meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Submitted by:

 Patty Pate


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