May 2010 Minutes

May 11, 2010 Meeting Minutes

The regular meeting of the Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers was called to order at 6:05 p.m. on May 11, 2010 at the Canyon Lake Senior Center by Jerry Owens.

In lieu of minutes, Jerry gave a brief recap of the previous meeting which was basically showing how to put a package of bees into a hive. 

Jerry reported that most of the first batch of bees have been distributed; there are only ten more to go.  These will be done this week (May13th) weather permitting.  Weather has been an issue again this year.  The second shipment of bees will be coming in shortly.  These will be Minnesota hybrid and are coming in from Nebraska.

Jerry also gave a quick rundown on the senior center, its activities and the fact that we are able to use the meeting room free of charge due to the fact that Jerry donated a hive in the club’s name to the center.

There were several items of interest:

  • Bob Steele is interested in raising queens; so is April Malik.
  • Thursday evening at the School of Mines there will be a presentation on native bees.
  • So far 161 people have signed up as interested in the club; 47 new hives have been established.

There was a general discussion on the use of “bee patties”.  There are various recipes available but most make a large quantity.  These help with mite control and also helps feed the bees a little.  Another idea is the use of a mite screen in which the mites fall through the screen into oil and are trapped.

Jay Erickson gave a short presentation on the Warre hive.  These are smaller than a regular hive and do not have foundation in them but simply a top bar from which the bees will build their combs.  This is a more natural hive.  The custom wood kits can be ordered with a discount through Jay.

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