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Do you have a question about beekeeping?  Have you learned something about beekeeping you would like to share with the rest of the club members?  Post your questions, answers and general information here.

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  1. Pamela Weaver says:

    I’m happy to have found your website! We have rural property near the Bear Butte area and are wondering if anyone is interested in putting up bee hives. Thanks!


    • Hi Pamela. I am happy to hear from you. If you can possibly get a chance, join us for one of our monthly meetings. We have people (bee keepers) from around the whole area. I’ll also pass your request to our new president.

      • Pamela Weaver says:

        Thank you! I did get a response from Kia as well. We will consider joining you at a meeting. I think my husband has mentioned interest. Thanks again!

        Blessings, Pamela Weaver


  2. Bob Steele says:

    I started feeding last week when the weather started to turn cold. Instead of using sugar water I ‘m using frucose I bought at coca cola . The bees seem to like it as well as sugar water and it is cheaper and easier to use. Because it is alreadt liguid all I do is thin it down because it is thicker than I wanted it and put in a feeder. Thining it is east just add water and stir it mixes very guickly.As I said the bees realy like it and I don’t know for sure but I ‘ve been told by other beekeepers it is better for the bees because it has more of what the bees can digest. As time passes I’ll let everyone know what my results with frucose . Oh I was also told it is easy to add most medication for your bees to the mixture. I havn’t done this because my bees havn’t needed any medicine but it is nice to know the bees will eat it with medicine in it. Any questions on the progress of the use of frucose orhow to get it or the cost or whatever give me a call. Bob Steele 431-3051

  3. Tom Allen says:

    Bob Steele and I tried to capture some rogue bees at the Windmill Truckstop last Thursday. I received the initial call from the manager through Jerry (He was on the West coast somewhere!). When I tried to brush the mass of bees into a box, most tried to fly out. I finally figured out there wasn’t a queen with the bunch. Apparently a truck transporting bees had stopped there at least a day or more earlier. No good info on what caused the bees to escape, but they were hungry, thirsty and po’d. I contacted Bob for assistance and he saved the day with a box with honey, comb & pollen. He got up on top of the canopy of the diesel islands and placed the nuc box near the cluster of bees. We left it until later in the day and then retrieved it with many of the bees. He gave them to me to add to my hive. He captured more over night and added them to his hives. We were on the 5:30 KOTA news, but I missed it. What an experience! Oh, I forgot to mention that I got stung on the chin while looking up at the bees since my face was tight against the screening. I also managed to get a bee inside my hood while getting my cell phone out of my jeans pocket. She didn’t get me, but did create a lot of concern on the part of this beekeeper!

  4. Tom Allen says:

    Since the leaves have come out on some of the trees since I placed my hive, it is in the shade a lot. Can I safely move the hive a couple of feet forward without causing the confusion Jerry has talked about before? I won’t move it sideways, just forward a couple of feet. Please advise!

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  6. Tom Allen says:

    I really like what you have done with the website!

    • Thanks, Tom. We really need member feedback and suggestions. We just threw together a bunch of ideas and now we need the fine-tuning to make it a useful website that people will want to use to stay abreast of club activites and beekeeping knowledge.

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