Feel free to post any items you have to sale or trade.  Don’t forget to include contact inforamtion.  Please limit the items you wish to sell or trade to BEES and BEEKEEPING items.

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  1. Patrice C Lynch says:

    After purchasing a bee nuc, our beginner bee experience has ended with a hopelessly queen less hive…We did not expect this development. We do not have enough brood to support a new queen. So…to help us continue our beginning beekeeping experience, we were wondering if anyone would be willing to split a hive or provide a swarm for our single hive experience.

  2. Lynda Shackleton says:

    Hello! I am interested in making beeswax candles so I am looking for local beeswax. Can anyone help me out? Thank you in advance!

  3. Rob Neuenfeldt says:

    We are going to start beekeeping this spring. My wife and I are very excited.

    Is there a local supplier of Bees near Sioux Falls, SD?

  4. John says:

    ISR Honeybear bottles? I need only a dozen of the smaller these small bottles for a series of small gifts for some kids. Anyone have some spares lying around?

  5. Cindy sandoz says:

    I am from Gordon Nebraska and am looking for someone who might want to come rescue a hive of bees we found in a wall in a building we are remodeling. We would like to see them saved instead of destroyed. If you can recommend someone for us to call we would really appreciate it. The one person we called is out of town and can’t help for at least three weeks. So if u can help it would be great.

  6. jason says:

    Looking to buy a nuc know is getting late in the season but looking anyways.

  7. Mathew says:

    Hey, I was recently doing some construction work in front of Jerry’s house, I know this because I was talking to his neighbor. This was a couple weeks ago and I’m really wanting to start bee keeping. I’m not sure if I could afford the 500$ starter kit. Anyways my question is, does anyone know of bee tracking? I think that’s what it’s called. I did a little bit of reading up on it, any help would be much appreciated!

  8. Aaron says:

    I’m interested in starting a small colony. I am located in the Brookings area. New to SD. Any information on where to go to get equipment and what to do would be awesome.


    • Hi and welcome to our website. I am not sure who in your area would be able to provide bees locally but bees can be ordered from suppliers and sent through the US Post Office to you. From my experience, the bees need to be ordered in January – February at the latest.

      To start beekeeping, you need some basic equipment including a bee suit, smoker, hive tool and bee brush, and of course the hive bodies, frames, covers, and bottom boards. Here’s an example of a beginning beekeeping kit.

      Locally our bee club founder Jerry Owens is a Mann Lake distributer and he takes orders for bees. He has his own website: – and his phone number is 605.381.9986. John McDowell also brings in bees to the Rapid City area and his phone number is 605.716.2600

      The bees are usually brought in towards the end of April or early May and this year, John brought in the bees on April 11 and Jerry brought them in on May 2.

      There is a wealth of information available not only on our website and within our meeting minute posts but also on the internet. Please take a look at our latest (April) meeting minutes as there are useful links in it as well.

  9. John Eddy says:

    I am in Connecticut and I am looking to introduce some cold-hardy genetics into my bees. ( or at this point it may be bee, not bees)

    Can anyone recommend a queen breeder in ND from whom I might buy queens for reckoning this summer?

    Thanks and best regards.
    John Eddy

  10. Stacie S says:

    I am looking to pick up equipment and/or a hive for my father as a gift. I thought I’d start here before I go commercial shopping. He’s in Pierre. Any help/direction would be appreciated.

    • Hi Stacie,
      Jerry Owens is the ‘Bee Man’ of Rapid City — he started the club originally. Numerous people in the club have purchased their hives, equipment and bees from him. He is a local dealer for Mannlake. You can find information about Jerry on his website – here (

      Sometimes some of our beeclub members want to sell their hives/equipment. That is an option too and Jerry may know of someone. Here is Jerry’s information:
      Phone: (605)381-9986 Email:

      I will also pass your information along to other club members.

      Good luck — bees are a very interesting, educational project that produce sweet, delicious honey. I’m sure you Dad will love it.

  11. deetta says:

    Hello I am looking for bees and hives. Since this is my first year want to start small. I am located north west of Philip. Contact me at

  12. Terri says:

    Hello is it difficult to get permit for bees? We have leased land do we still need a form to place bee hives there. Owners say its leased for our use whatever we do with it is fine.

    • Bob Steele says:

      The fee for registering your bees is $12 a year per hive with the state ag department. No you don’t need any letter to put your bees on your land. I talk to the neibors to let them know but the bees don’t bother anyone unless they bother the bee hives.It is pretty late in the season to start new hives but if they are well established they will probably do fine if they have water close by and a good source of pollen and nector. Bees are easy to raise but they do need looking after and there is work involved. Bob Steele 431-3051

  13. Bob Steele says:

    I think if it was made alittle easier to leave a message on this it may be used more . It is a great idea but if it isn’t used it isn’t doing anyone any good. If anyone has any bee eqiupment or bee suits wax frames or most anything used for sale please let me know.. THANKS Bob Steele PH # 431-3051

  14. Dan says:

    My wife and I want to start up beekeeping and are looking for hives and equipment. If anyone has things to sell please contact me. Thanks.

  15. Patti says:

    Our hive didn’t make it! After two springs and one winter. They left this summer. Don’t know how or when, still a mystery. Hive is up for sale. Best offer takes it. You haul. Will give you the cinder blocks as well if you are interested (no charge on those). Please contact us via email.

  16. People wishing to host colonies on their property

    Rick Brooks / Rapid City across from Fish Hatchery (605.716.4211)
    Mike Mason / Hermosa (605.716.5147)
    Lonnie Tutsch / New Underwood (605.381-9897)

  17. D & J Miller says:

    We are looking for a bee suit and hat/veil probably an XL for the size of the suit. Anybody have one that they aren’t using that they would be willing to sell? Thanks in advance!

  18. Florence says:

    Thanks, Jay. I have a question, I have been thinking that it might be a good idea to put just one piece of foundation comb in the Warrre hive to give my bees a head start. What do you think?

    • Jay Erickson says:

      That might work, but you would have to find a way to secure it to the top bar. How are they doing? My warre hive had a few drawn combs (from the colony that didn’t make it through last winter) in it and they are off and busy. My new hive has 8-10 combs drawn already which is more than my warre had at the end of last season! I’m feeding with plenty of 1:1 sugar water mixed with 5-10cc of “honey bee healthy” per quart. They are doing very well so far! See you at the next meeting Florence, we can talk more there.

  19. Jay Erickson says:

    Hi Florence! I have some…I’ll bring it to the next meeting so you can be sure to have some in time for the bees. Hope your Warre’s are ready to go…if you have any questions, let me know!


  20. Florence says:

    I need a small amount of beeswax to coat the top bars of my new hives. Does anyone have a little they can spare?

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