March 2011 Minutes

Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers   

Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2011

The regular meeting of the Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers was called to order at 6:10 p.m. on March 9, 2011 at the Canyon Lake Senior Center by Lee Alley.  There were 37 people in attendance. 

Remember you can come between 5:30 and 6:00 so members can socialize before the meeting starts.  For this meeting, James Ann Barlean brought in some delicious gluten free honey cookies baked by her mother who owns Cakes and More (located behind FedEx off St Patrick Street).

Lee had each member introduce themselves and state why they wanted to get honey bees with the majority of the answers being to help the bees as well as for pollination.

Club Business

Jerry Owens is offering a honey extracting service where he will extract your honey for 0.25 (that’s right – one quarter) per frame.  That means he will extract a 10 frame super of honey for $2.50 !!  Given that Jerry is offering this service, there was much discussion as to whether the club should pursue purchasing a honey extractor.  In January, the club dues were raised from $5.00 to $15.00 for one year to raise enough money to purchase the extractor.  Do we now lower the dues back to $5.00 and refund the other $10.00 to the approximately 34 people who have paid the new dues thus far?  Do we keep the dues at $15.00 so the club has enough funds to purchase an extractor next year should it become necessary?  This discussion will be the focus of the club business agenda at the next meeting.

 Logo Challenge

Lila Lytle and Jerry Owens each brought in an idea for the Logo Challenge.  The scanned images are attached.  Lila’s is hand-drawn and Jerry’s is embroidered.  Bring your Logo Ideas to the next meeting (or email them to one of the club officers). 

 Member Profile

Tonya and John Gomez/Silver City obtained their bees last May but the bees didn’t make it through the fall due to lack of food.  They wanted honey bees for the sake of the bees as well as to pollinate their fruit trees.  After getting their bees, Tonya discovered that her Great-Grandparents and Grandparents were also into bees.  Last summer, they enjoyed watching their bees with their daughters; they are excited that the club exists and that they have met other beekeepers in our area.  They have ordered more bees and hope to have success this summer. 

Tonya has found a great web site for a company in Golden Colorado that sells bee-friendly plants specific to Zone 5 (we are in Zone 4, but many Zone 5 plants could adapt to our area).  She had printed handouts of this information.  The link to this web site will be posted on our club web site (under Bee Calendar/Gardening section) and the address is also here:

Tonya also maintains the following website: that has a wealth of information on where to buy food locally to support your local farmers and get great food in the process. 


The April 13th meeting seminar will ‘Splitting a Hive’ by Troy Dean.  It is recommended that people research hive splits so they are familiar with the terminology.  I’ve added a couple sites here but there numerous sites/videos on the internet that discuss splitting hives.

 Lee Alley gave a talk/presentation on hive inspection and the importance of managing your hives and keeping a log sheet.  Lee relies on his stethoscope to check the health of his bees in the winter.  Here is a link to a hive inspection checklist that Lee found to be one of the better examples:

Also see the attached slides that discuss the outside temperature and checking our hive.

Linda Anderson gave a demonstration of the club web site (see attached roadmap). 

Jerry Owens brought in a handout that he used during his presentation at the Master Gardner’s seminar:  Pesticide toxicity to Bees.  He also had handouts for ‘Northern Nectar Sources for Honey Bees’ which has great information about plants, when they bloom and whether they are a good source for honey bees.  This information will be linked to from our club web site.

The Master Gardner’s in our area have a new web site that can be accessed here:  It has information for gardening in our Black Hills area.

Linda Zenner has been doing quite a lot of research about what plants to grow in our area which are honey bee friendly.  She brought in a poster board with pictures of various plants along with notes about the plant.

George brought in a permadent foundation that he purchased from the following address.  There were other people interested in these foundations and it was suggested that members get together with their order information and place one big order to reduce the cost of shipping. 

  • Permadent Foundation  (605)345-3211
  • The Bees Choice
  • 1600 W 1st Steet
  • Webster, SD  57274

 Ellen Conroy discussed a bee-safe means of killing grasshoppers.  When Ellen gets this information to me, we’ll post it on the website.

 Don Sargent sent information about the health benefits of honey and cinnamon:

 Lee mentioned this book:  ‘The Buzz about Bees:  Biology of a Superorganism

Honey Flow

This year, we want all of our members to keep track of when the honey flow starts in their area as well as what major nectar sources are in bloom at that time.  You can add comments to the Honey Flow section of the web site by following this link:  WannaBee Club Honey Flow Forum

Treasurers Report

Nicole gave the Treasurer Report.  Since this newsletter is posted on-line, I have not included the actual dollar information here.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by: Linda Anderson


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