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Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers  


Meeting Minutes – June 8, 2011

The regular meeting of the Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers was called to order at 6:00 p.m. on June 8, 2011 at the Canyon Lake Senior Center by Lee Alley. 

The social time is between 5:30 and 6:00 – James Ann Barlean once again brought tasty treats baked by her mother at Cakes and More (located behind FedEx off St Patrick Street).  A bee hive cake that was too beautiful too cut and some honey-bee cupcakes.  Joan Clements took pictures that are posted on the website under Recipes.

Note:  The July 13 Meeting will be moved to the Canyon Lake Senior Citizens Center Gymnasium (upstairs) as our normal meeting room is booked on that date.

Club Business

Club Dues:  A task force was established to review club dues and policies and present their recommendations to the club members.  The task force members were Nicole Preble (chair), Tom Allen and John Hauge.  Paid club members voted on the recommendations and they passed with 19 yes votes (one vote per paid household); 0 no votes.  The dues will be $10.00 / year so members who have paid $15.00 will get a $5.00 refund unless they choose to leave their money in the club.  If you do not want a refund, contact Nicole at bluenotes88@rap.midco.net

See the attached Club Policies.  These policies are also posted on the website under ‘Contact Us


Lee has been working with the Nebraska University faculty about their Master Beekeeper Program and is hoping to arrange that their next 3-day program (2012) be offered in Chadron, NE – if – we can get enough interest from our local beekeepers.  Lee passed around a poll-sheet during the meeting to get an idea of who would be interested.  If you were unable to attend the meeting and are interested, contact Lee at lee@leealleyrealestate.com or (605)863-0806.

The SD Beeks Annual Conference will be in Rapid City on July 8th & July 9th at the Ramkota Inn.  The seminar starts at 1:00 pm on July 8th.  This is typically for commercial beekeepers but Lee discovered that they will also allow hobby beekeepers to attend. 

Unfortunately, we cannot get any specific information about the cost or agenda except for the following which is unconfirmed.  But if the lineup really consists of these people, it is probably worth the price of admission (which – again – we cannot confirm but as soon as we know more specifics, they will be posted on the website under Classes/Events.):

 Logo Challenge – James Ann Barlean won the logo challenge with the logo shown above.  Congratulations James Ann !!  Note that other logos will be used on the web site as appropriate unless members do not want their submissions used.

Recipe Challenge – At the May meeting, Orchid volunteered to take on the task of compiling recipes.  Members are encouraged to e-mail recipes (along with your name(s), where you live and the source of the recipe if it is not your own) to orchid.nester@gmail.com  

Lila Lytle brought some hand-written recipes for Orchid.  Several people requested copies of these – they will be posted on the website under Recipes.

Membership Roster: Lee is in charge of the club membership roster.  If you have changes that you want made to the roster or if you want your email address changed, added or removed, please send these requests to Lee.

 Member Introductions – The question of the night centered on whether members installed new bees/bee hives and how the hives were doing overall.  One member had to re-queen one (of three) hives after installing the nuc.  Most everyone else said their new hives are doing well. 

 Seminars and Education

 The July 13th meeting seminar has not been determined at this time. 

 I was supposed to give a detailed overview of the website during the June meeting.  I did a fairly poor job of my seminar so I’m going to try to make it up here.  The club website (www.wannabeeclub.org) is gaining a wealth of information and links to important bee-specific areas.  We do try to review each site before posting links to it.  I spend several hours per month researching various links – I can easily run through 20 to 50 links before I find one that’s worth posting on our site.  The main goal of our site is to consolidate the enormous amount of information on the internet into links that pertain to our area.  Here’s just an overview of some of the club website areas you may want to view.

#1)  The home page on the web site can be used to post important, last-minute information.  For example, when Jerry called to say the bee-pickup was delayed, we sent an e-mail to all members, but we also posted on the home page that the pickup was delayed.  If you don’t get our e-mails, you can look at the website home page to see if a change of venue has occurred.  These important postings will be near the top and in red lettering to catch your eye.  Of course – the web site updates rely on our members sending information to landerson@rapidnet.com in order to be posted.

#2) One of the new members from the May meeting suggested we have a registration form on the web site so people know how to join the club.  Here is the updated registration form.  You can find it, along with club policies, under the ‘Contact Us’ link.  That is where you can also find the new policies and dues form.

#3) Bee Diseases is a new area on the website where people can send their hive/bee problems to the secretary and have them posted for other members to see.  The most recent posts include the varroa mite and yellow jacket problems that James & Linda have encountered.  You are encouraged to submit issues and pictures to the club secretary for posting on the web site.  We only learn by seeing and understanding from one another.  Also this page has very good links to other sites concerning bee diseases and pests.

#4) Per member request in the June meeting, we’ve added a new blog category for ‘Books and Cool Stuff’.  So many of the members recommend books and magazines and other articles, that this site will now allow them to post their recommendations on-line for all members to see.  As of June 9, 2011, we already had a posting from Florence – visit and use the site to gather more information about your bees.

#5) When members send me information, I try to find an appropriate area to post it. 

  • Contact Us – this section has links to local news stories, registration information, etc
  • Classes & Events – what bee-related events are coming to our area.  Jerry and Lee have done seminars and that information is posted here until the date is past.  There are links here to the Master Beekeeping program in Nebraska – and a fun article from Mike & Brenda about building your own extractor.
  • Swarm Help – information about swarms and preventing them
  • Links and Info – a catchall area for links and general information
  • Suppliers – an area for where to buy bee supplies
  • Beekeepers Calendar – what to look for/do each month with the bees and a Gardening section
  • Recipes – member-submitted recipes and links to other sites with recipes

#6) BlogRoll – links to other bee-related sites such as Bee Source and other bee-club sites

#7) Blog Categories include the new

  • Books and Cool Stuff,
  • Buy/Sale/Trade,
  • Club Business and Announcements,
  • Feedback,
  • Honey Flow,
  • Member Q&A
  • Meeting Minutes

 General Discussion

 Bee Friendly Plants

Bee friendly plants include Russian Sage, Asters, Bee Balm and Dandelions.  Although bees like lilacs, they quit producing nectar fairly quickly after pollination. 

 (Note:  In a meeting earlier this spring, Tonya Gomez brought a list of bee friendly plants from the Applewood Seed Co in Golden Colorado.  These links are posted under the Beekeepers Calendar section of the club’s website – towards the bottom in the Gardening section.


James Ann Barlean has done a lot of research into bee venom therapy and recommends the Bible of Bee Venom Therapy by Bodog F. Beck M.D.   Per member request, we’ve added a new blog category called ‘Books and Cool Stuff’ (see right-hand, middle side of web site pages).  Anyone can post their reading recommendations to this site; or you can email Linda and she’ll post the information for you.

 Diseases and Pests

 Lee passed around a handout of honey bee diseases and pests.

 James & Linda have one hive infested with Varroa Mites (as pointed out by Troy).    They treated their hive with a Mite-Away II single application formic acid pad (http://www.miteaway.com/).  It is  a 21 day treatment and if temps exceed 85 degrees, the pad must be removed until temps drop.  The honey super was removed, the pad was placed on 1×1 strips above the brood frames and a fume-board, then the hive lid was installed.  Since temps had to be between 59 and 85 degrees, treatment was later in the spring than preferred.  A link at the bottom of this page will show a YouTube video of varroa mites on honey bees so you know what to look for if you’ve never encountered the little pests.  Also see the Science Buzz link below for more information on varroa mites.

James & Linda also had a problem with yellow jackets (an enemy of honey bees) last fall — to such an extent that the bees in one hive could not leave the hive as they were constantly defending against the yellow jackets.  We could watch for hours as the wasps and bees battled — sometimes the bees won but usually the yellow jackets killed one or more bees.  We purchased Rescue disposal traps and filled 3 of them in 3 weeks.  Each holds about 2,700 dead yellow jackets and they were FULL.  No honey bees were attracted to the trap.  As soon a we saw yellow jackets around the hive this spring, we hung the trap to try to get ahead of the problem this year.  Here’s information about the trap and more details on yellow jackets.   http://www.rescue.com/product/disposable-yellowjacket-trap

Member Profile

Due to the number of announcements and club business, there wasn’t a member profile during this meeting.


July 8 and July 9 the SD Beekeepers Annual Conference will be at the Ramkota Inn in Rapid City.  See announcements at the beginning of the minutes.

Please send any upcoming events to Linda – they are posted on the club web site under Classes & Events

Treasurers Report

Nicole gave the Treasurer Report at the end of the meeting.  Since this newsletter is posted on-line, I do not include the actual dollar information here.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Club Officer Contact Information:

Minutes submitted by: Linda Anderson

 Disclaimer:  If I have misquoted you, misnamed you, didn’t quote you, didn’t name you, or otherwise made mistakes in these meeting minutes, I apologize. Please feel free to send me the corrections and I will correct/publish them in the meeting minutes on the web site.  Send to landerson@rapidnet.com


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