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Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2012

Highlights — It was a good first meeting of the year with about 40 people in attendance.  A few new faces to add to our group for the new year.

Appreciation plaques were presented to the outgoing officers, Lee Alley, Linda Anderson, Nicole Preble & Jay Erickson,  & a certificate of appreciation was given to Vicki Barlean of Cakes & More for supplying tasty treats at the meetings last year.

Joyce W., of the Canyon Lake Senior Center spoke briefly re: a great program through Nash Finch that really helps the center out.  If you shop at FTC, Prairie Market or Safeway youcan purchase certificates at he CLSC office to used just like cash at those stores & 5% of your purchases will go to the center.  You can also save your receipts from those stores, & bar codes from Our Family brand products to drop off at the center to help them out as well.  CLSC office hours are M-F, 8am-5pm.  Joyce also encouraged anyone to jouin the center, it’s only $35 a year.

Jerry spoke about the upcoming Spring orders.  If you’re ordering nucs or packages from Jerry he would like you to have your orders in no later than 4/1/12 (preferrably sooner).  Both nucs & packages are $85 each (same as last year).  there will also be an assortment of Queens available for ordering as well.  Bees should be arriving in April, weather providing.

Jarry also mentioned the buzz in the news recently re: zombie parasites in bees.  There have ben several varying reports, but nothing to be cause for panic.  Different sources seem to have different agendas when it comes to stories like this.  Basically, we haven’t seen any real symptoms of this here… but as usual, just keep an eye on your hives & be on the look out for anything unusual.

Club business cards are available to anyone who would lke to have them on hand to give out.

Don’t forget club dues are payable to Dani J. & are $10 per household, per year.

Guest Speaker for Feb. meeting will be Master Gardener Brenda Pates.  She will be speaking about bee-friendly flowers.  Should be very interesting & full of great ideas for Spring planting.

Since this is my first posting as the new secretary.. please forgive me if it’s not quite up to parr.  I will try to have everything flowing as smoothly as possible, as soon as possible.  Feel free to e-mail me with any comments, questions or suggetstions at jamesann1@yahoo.com.

Web Site: www.wannabeeclub.org

Minutes submitted by JamesAnn Barlean

Disclaimer: If I have misquoted you, misnamed you, didn’t quote you, didn’t name you or otherwise made mistakes in these meeting miuntes, I apologize.  Please feel free to send me the corrections & I will publish them.


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