Feb 2012 – Mtg Minutes

*Our regular meeting was called to order just after 6pm at the Canyon Lake Senior Center by Pres. Bill Clements with about 55 people in attendance.  There were several new faces & we welcome them all.  Looks like our little club is going to be gaining quite a few new members in 2012.

*Joyce from CLSC reminded us about the vouchers available for purchase in their office to be used at Safeway, FTC & Nash Finch stores.  The vouchers are a great way to help support the center & are good dollar for dollar at the different stores.  So let’s all try to do our part & help out the center.

*REMINDER: If you haven’t paid your dues for 2012 please touch base with Dani at the next meeting so she can get you taken care of.  Dues are $10 per household & are applicable to one calendar year (i.e. January to December).

*We learned that there are some interesting webinars for beekeepers available at www.brushymountainbeefarm.com .  And more great info at www.prairiemoonnursery.com .  Worth checking out.

*We also learned a great tip for keeping wax moths out of your empty hives that have drawn comb in them.  Wrap them in heavy duty plastic wrap to be almost air-tight.  This will help keep out the moths as well as other pests & critters that might want to get in the hive.

*Brenda Pates; Master Gardener, was our guest speaker & she did a great job!  She talked about “bee-friendly” plants & trees & the importance of landscaping with things that are edible.  Edible, not just to us… but to the bees & others helpful insects.  Fruit trees are great for us & the bees.  Apple, pear, cherry & apricot do great.  Note; apricot trees need a “friend”, they do best & produce more fruit when planted together.  Since your bees have a pretty wide radius you don’t have to plant your apricot trees right next to each other though.  Alpine strawberries make a great addition to any area.  They don’t spread & produce fruit all season long.  Nanken cherry hedges make a great hadge choice for the bees as well.  A great place for purchasing bare root trees & getting valuable info on them is the Homestead Nursery In Belle Fourche; contact Richard.

Brenda also mentioned that everyone should consider not using chemicals on their gardens & maybe asking neighbors to do the same.  She also suggested some books… Plants of the Black Hills & Bear Lodge Mountains, Bringing Nature Home & Food not Lawns.

*Bob Tomin demo’d how to build & string a wire frame & is available for questions on the subject.

*Jerry Owens has added Mannlake Ltd to the list of suppliers he represents & orders from.  Catalogs are available from Jerry & he can be contacted with any questions re: supplies & any beekeeping needs.

*Our guest speaker for the next meeting is a rep from BH Honey Farms.

*Note: Brenda did mention some gardening seminars to be held at a local church… I will try to get the church name & schedule & post them asap.

*Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

Club Officers Contact Information:

Bill Clemints; President~ 605-484-0393 ~ jrbeagle03@me.com

Tom Allen; Vice President~ 605-381-9431 ~ tallen@rushmore.com

Dani Johnson; Treasurer~ 775-426-8854 ~ pretty_darkness@ymail.com

JamesAnn Barlean; Secretary~ 605-484-5799 ~ jamesann1@yahoo.com.

Minutes submitted by: JamesAnn Barlean

Disclaimer: If I have misquoted you, misnamed you, didn’t quote you, didn’t name you, or otherwise made mistakes in these meeting minutes I apologize.  Please feel free to send me the corrections & I will correct/publish them. 


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