Meeting Minutes 3/14/12

The regular meeting of the Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers was called to order at 6pm by Bill C. with over 50 people in attendance, including 6 brand new people & a good mix of people with active hives & people waiting for new bees for their hives.
Bill reminded us all to try to help support the local businesses that help support the club; like Canyon lake Senior Center & Cakes & More.

Our schedule guest speaker couldn’t make it, but we did have quite a bit of beekeeping equiptment on display to check out & discuss.

Beekeeping classes will soon be available. Lee A. & Jerry O. will be putting together an aganda & will have the info available here & at the meetings ASAP.

Tom A. suggested that we all check out the websites for the Nat’l Phenology Org & the Sunflower Project… lots of interesting & great information there for beekeepers & gardeners.

This time of year our neighbors & others in the community could be gearing up to spray their trees & yards. It’s a good idea to keep friendly communication open & asks lots of questions about what exactly they plan to spray with so we can do what we need to to protect our hives. You can close your hives when your neighbors spray. One way is to drape a wet sheet over the hive. Another is to duct tape small screens over openings.

It was mentioned that now is a good time to rotate your hive bodies if you’re planning to do that. On a nice day, consider reversing the top & bottom brood boxes. The book “Beekeeping For Dummies” has really good info on this.
Also, if you are considering splitting a hive, May/June is a good time for this as well.
And if you’re medicating your bees, now may be the time for that too.

Jerry O. will be letting us know when the Spring bees will be arriving & welcomes everyone to come see the nucs & learn more about installing new bees.

See you at the next meeting!!!

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