July 2012 mtg minutes

The meeting was called to order promptly at 6pm.  We skipped the general intros to get right to our guest speaker; John Ball, a forest health expert from SDSU.

John spoke re: the pine beetle problem & how it relates to bees & beekeeping.  the beetle epidemic repeats itself approx. every 40 years.  There are some sprays that help, but not the ones dropped from above.  Only when the trees are sprayed from the trunk up, & only before they are attacked.  The beetles will continue to do what they do until they run out of resources… When they are done, we will still have a forest, just a bit more spacious, with smaller trees.

The sprays should not be extremely dagerous for our bees, but it is a good idea to have your hives registers so that you can be informed when spraying of any kind may be done in your area.

Johns talk was pretty much the bulk of the mtg & was very informative.

The speaker at the next mtg is one of our very own members who recently attended the Master Beekeeper Program at NU.  He’s sure to have lots of new & interesting information for all of us.

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