June 2012 mtg minutes

The meeting came to order at about 6pm with approx. 47 people in attendance.

Jerry shared a new & handy little tool for picking up frames.  It makes it easy to grasp the frames in the boxes & is less likely to “hurt” any bees.  Jerry is a supplier for Mann Lake, as well as other vendors.

There has been some talk of whether or not the club should have a booth at the fair.  Any suggestions, comments or questions are welcome & can be directed to Bill C, the club pres.

Bill demo’d how to build a simple & inexpensive solar wax melter, & then sent it home with one of the members after a drawing.

Bill & Joan also showed us how to make a simple beeswax lip balm from the wax you can collect out of your solar melter.

All & all everyone is reporting busy bees & good pollen collection.

Next mtg an antomologist from Brookings will be here to discuss the pine beetle problem & related topics.

website: http://www.wannabeeclub.org

minutes submitted by JamesAnn Barlean


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