August 2013 Meeting Minutes


Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers


Meeting Minutes – August 14, 2013

President Bill Clements:

  • Discussed selling honey/beeswax products
    • Honey Packaging
    • Lip Balm Packing
    • Hand Salve Packaging
  • Consider supporting the Senior Center by purchasing/selling football packets
  • Honey extracting demonstration

Member Discussion

  • Discussed:
    • Honey robbers (wasps & yellow jackets) and preventing robbers.
    • Keep ants away by sprinkling cinnamon around the hive.
    • Mites – make sure not to use chemicals in the hive during the nectar flow
    • State Commercial Bee meeting in Deadwood
      • SD was #1 honey producing state in the nation in 2012
      • Commercial bee keeps split their hives…hobby beekeepers can also do this – this could be a future topic of discussion for our club. In our climate, we must at least 15,000 bees before we spit a hive or the bees will die. Bees must also be able to complete their winter honey supply before it is cold. You must feed both hives if you split them.
    • The Monday, August 19th TIME magazine’s cover is on colony collapse

Minutes submitted by: Michelle Hovland, Secretary 

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