November 2013 Meeting Minutes


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Meeting Minutes – November 14, 2013

President Bill Clements…

  • The Club will organize another Christmas party – more information to come!
  • Warren Chemical sells a large bag of native wildflowers for a reasonable price
  • Showed pictures of several bee rescues
  • Feed bees sugar water if you feel it necessary. The glass jars don’t break in the winter – but you can get plastic jars at Menards.

Medicate your bees if you see signs of Nosema – little brown spots on the outside of the hive.

 Members Discussed

 Jerry Owens – Reported on an article regarding moving hives a short distance. After moving the hive, place a bundle of sticks in front of the hive. The theory is the bees have to work their way through the sticks which causes them to stop, pay attention, and reorient themselves. 

  • The hive donated to the Senior Center earned $260.00!

The Future of Beekeeping

Jerry & Tom spoke to the agriculture classes at Central High School.

The Meade County Extension office wrote a grant to purchase bee suites so 4H students can visit hives and learn.

Reconstituting Honey:

At 50-60 degrees honey will crystalize

If you put honey into the freezer it will not crystalize

There are several ways to reconstitute honey

  • You can reconstitute honey by placing the sealed jar into the dishwasher.

 The Extension Office can give you names of people who want hives on their land.

 Tom Allen presented an interesting video on the importance of bees in our lives which can be located by clicking the following link.

            Marla Spivak: Why Bees are disappearing

 Check out these useful resources:

  • Honey Bee Sweet – Blog
  • Bee Culture – Magazine

 Winter prep – Winterize your hives to keep bees warm and out of the snow. The following can be used –but make sure to leave air holes open so the hive has adequate ventilation:

  • Straw bales – surround the sides of the hive
  • Tar paper – Wrap around the hive
  • Commercial wraps also work well

 Consider propping a piece of plywood against the hive entrance so the bees do not go out on warm sunny days.

Jerry Owens – Showed a new product which is put on the side of a 5-gallon bucket and provides a ledge to hold a frame as the caps are removed – “The Comb Capper”. Contact Jerry for details.

Minutes submitted by: Michelle Hovland, Secretary 

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