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Meeting Minutes – February 12, 2014

President Tom Allen…

  • Common crop pesticides kill honeybee larvae in the hive
  • Introduced Tina Mulally who offered her services as a lobbyist to be authorized to speak for the WannaBee Hobby Beekeepers Club to discuss with legislatures concerns of the club. The club members voted to allow Ms. Mulally to represent the group.

Members Discussion:

Bob Ashiem – Discussed mites

Determine if you have mites using the ‘Powdered Sugar Method’

  • How to reduce the mite population
    • Consider selecting mite-resistant queen lines such as the Minnesota Hygienic Italians  or Russian Bees are more mite resistant than other bees
    • Using a screen bottom board reduces mites by 14% because when a mite falls off a bee and onto the screen bottom board it is more difficult to reattach to a bee than on a solid bottom board.
    • Use a drone frame     

Bill Clements – demonstrated building a simple solar wax melter

  • Materials
    • cardboard boxBillSolarWaxMelter
    • spray glue
    • silver emergency blanket
    • container
    • turkey roasting bag
    • Cut off the top and two sides of the cardboard box leaving the bottom of the box and two opposite sides.
    • Open up the box on the floor and using spray glue – glue an emergency blanket onto the cardboard and then fold the blanket around it.
    • Stand the box up and set in the sun and put wax into a black container and then put the container into a turkey roaster bag.
    • As long as this solar melter is in the sun at the right angle…you can melt wax in as low of temperatures as 15 degrees. Leave in the sun for 3-4 hours.

Be very careful when picking up the container as it will be hot.                              

Minutes submitted by:  Michelle Hovland, Secretary 

Disclaimer:  If I have misquoted you, misnamed you, didn’t quote you, didn’t name you, or otherwise made mistakes in these meeting minutes, I apologize. Please feel free to send me the corrections and I will correct/publish them in the meeting minutes on the web site.  Send to michellemchovland@msn.com


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