May 2014 Meeting Minutes


Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers


Meeting Minutes – May 14, 2014

President Tom Allen…

  • Jeanie McCallister was approved as the new Club Treasure after Andrew Muxan resigned.
  • Shared a list of bee-friendly plants from the Minnesota Bee Lab.
  • Minnesota Bee Lab has many short informational videos.
  • Discussed forming a bee squad to help people who need bees removed.
  • After installing a package of bees you should inspect to determine how strong queen is…
      • It will take three weeks before you have new bees hatch.
      • Look for eggs, larva, and whether or not the brood cells are covered
  • The next Ohio State University Bee Lab webinar is May 21st 2 7:00AM – MT. Sign in as a guest – Topic: Ten Rules of Modern Beekeeping – Kim Flottum.

Members Discussion:

Members shared their experiences

 The group discussed gathering data on survival rates.

  • Michelle Hovland agreed to make a survey.

Minutes submitted by:  Michelle Hovland, Secretary 


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