August 2014 Meeting Minutes


Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers


Meeting Minutes – August 13, 2014

Club Business – keeping honey bees within city limits.

The Rapid City Attorney’s office has not yet made any recommendations on the City Beekeeping ordinance.

Member Discussion

  • Jerry Owns recommended re-queening now so the bees will have a good chance of surviving the winter.
  • Members shared their beekeeping experiences. Most members are having a banner beekeeping year. 
  • Pastor Marty Crump, fellow beekeeper from Gillette, WY discussed and showed pictures of beekeeping in Africa and explained how his church is assisting some African people in starting new hives. 
  • A Club member brought up the idea of the Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers providing a number to the 211 Helpline where the community could contact beekeepers if they needed help relocating a swarm of bees. A discussion ensued regarding that this is one way to show the City how our Club supports Rapid City and surrounding communities.
  • Jerry Owens reported, so far this summer, he gathered 16 swarms and the people found him though the Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers website.
  • A member made a motion to begin a 211 Helpline trial and begin asking for volunteers who will be available to check on reported swarms within a 20 mile radius of Rapid City. The motion was seconded, voted, and passed.
  • A member advised to set a standard process for collecting.

 Minutes submitted by: Michelle Hovland, Secretary 

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