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Meeting Minutes – October 8, 2014

Meeting held at the Game, Fish, & Parks Outdoor Campus

Niko from the Game Fish and Parks asked for donations of honey-filled frames to help keep the campus bees alive over the winter.

President Tom Allen

  • Presentation: Getting Ready for Winter
    • Inspect for general health
    • Check the brood pattern – it will be less than in summer, but there should still be some brood.
    • Check the population size – if it is too small that it can’t make a decent cluster; you might want to combine the bees with another hive
    • Check for diseases & mite level – treat with Hopguard or Apivar up to three times a year.
    • Look for nosema.
    • Look for adequate food stores (full honey frames in the hive) – you should have 7-8 full frames of honey. They need about 60 pounds of honey to make it over the winter.
    • Check hive ventilation.
    • Construct some kind of windbreak.

 All officer positions are open:

 Allen Loeken – Demonstrated his homemade extractor

Minutes submitted by: Michelle Hovland, Secretary 

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