September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers

September 12, 2018 Minutes

The meeting was brought to order at 6:00 pm by Jerry Owens. He made several announcements one being the upcoming Pheasants Forever Banquet and the other showing Bryon Eberly’s honey which won several ribbons in completion in Edgemont. He also thanked Dale Freeman for participating in the Youth and Family Services’ Fall Harvest by bringing in his “bee jar”.

Kia Smith, treasurer, reported the club has a balance of $2,447.63 in checking and $600.49 in savings. Dan Mulally has not yet investigated CD rates but it is on his to-do list.

Under old business Tom Allen reported that there was little to no notice of the club having a space at the fair and therefore it went unstaffed some of the time. Next year we will be better prepared and will have advanced sign up for volunteers.

Under new business Dan Mulally demonstrated and discussed the Hogghead Comb system for gathering honeycomb. There was a lengthy discussion on honeycomb and also some discussion as to pricing for honeycomb and a more standardized pricing for honey in general.

There was also a discussion on harvesting honey: when and how to do so. This included discussion on water content, bottling, and crystallized honey.

We once again discussed mite treatment in conjunction with the discussion on winterizing. Also discussed were various methods of winterizing the hive which ranged from basically doing nothing, to using straw bales, insulation covering and other means of protecting the hive from winter elements.

There was a general discussion on how to keep honey not yet spun out. This included putting frames in a sealed container until it can be spun out, and keeping it cool so it won’t crystallize.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

The next club meeting is October 10, 2018 at 6:00 at the Out Door Campus.

Submitted by Patty Pate

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