November 2018 Meeting Minutes

Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers

November 14, 2018 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Jerry Owens at 6:00 p.m. Several people advised Jerry that they would have to leave early due to other commitments. There were a number of first-time attendees so Jerry briefly told that the club was formed in 2009 primarily to promote beekeeping and assist the novice beekeepers. Our membership has been dedicated to mentoring new beekeepers and sharing ideas, successes and “problems”.

Kia Smith, treasurer, reported we have $2, 502. 62 in our checking account and $606.56 in our savings account. Due to banking regulations our savings account would have been deemed inactive so $3 will be transferred from checking every three months. She also advised that she would be collecting dues for 2019.

Under old business, Jerry presented two procedures he has written up for new beekeepers on introducing bees into a hive. These were for both packages and nucs. This was a follow-up on previous requests for procedures specifically designed for the new beekeeper. He requested feedback on these procedures.

Also under old business, Jerry gave an update on the Bee Conference to be held on February 16, 2019 at the National Guard Armory. Tim Moran is heading this effort. Jerry passed around signup sheets for volunteers to present and assist in registration and baked goods. This is one of those efforts that will require lots of support from the membership.

Under new business, Jerry proposed a change in the by-laws basically combining the offices of Secretary and Treasurer. The reason for this was that neither of the two offices required a great deal of time and it is often difficult to get people to accept positions. There was general discussion on the merits of this. Some felt that if we had only three officers, it would not be enough if one or two were absent. Also, a member may want to perform the duties of one of the offices but not the other. There followed a general discussion of the duties of the offices that will be open for nomination and election at the December meeting. Kia explained that the President is responsible for running the meetings and that she brought in speakers and had demonstrations when she was president. The president answers many questions and assists members as needed. The vice president is responsible for conducting meetings in the absence of the president and may be in charge of special projects, such as the bee conference. The treasurer collects dues, keeps the bank records and writes checks as needed. (So far only a few have been written). The secretary takes notes at the meetings and submits the minutes to Linda Anderson, web master, for posting. Bob Roberts added that as president you always have to be looking ahead. Jerry stated that when the club was established it called for a president to only serve one year. This was so that there would be new ideas and new participants each year. Tina Mulally suggested a two-year term may be more appropriate. Dan asked if there was anything in existence as to what has gone on in the past. Jerry shared that there is a “president’s book” that is passed on from president to president.

December’s meeting will be a potluck. Members whose names begin with A-M will bring a main dish, N-Z will bring a salad or dessert. Nominations and elections will be held.

Wes Barnes shared what he does to prepare his hives for winter. He begins in late August or September when the nights drop down to the 40’s by feeding the bees sugar water. (A couple of members shared that they add Honey Bee Healthy and/or essential oil to their sugar water). His hives are behind a fence that serves as a windbreak and are about 3 ½ feet above the ground. Later, when the weather allows, he covers about ½ the top brood box with newspaper topped with sugar. Any moisture turns the sugar into a candy paddy that the bees feed on all winter. He does not cover his hives with anything. Jerry asked Bob Roberts about his hives in the high hills. This year Bob has moved his hives into the garden shed (doors open) and has added candy boards. He felt the key was to keep the bees cold so they don’t break cluster and not be able to get back into cluster in time.

The meeting closed at 7:35.


Respectfully submitted by:

Patty Pate

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