February 2019 Meeting Minutes

Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Location: Duke Corning Armory, Camp Rapid SD


Meeting Opened: Tim called the meeting to order at 6pm

Old Business

Review of the upcoming 16 Feb 2019 Workshop

  • Tim informed the group that we have 90 people signed up
  • Group asked if we know how people found out about the conference
  • Need to post evaluation for the conference
  • Get some 3X5 cards to get some feedback
  • Instructors are lined up
  • Covered the basic agenda of the conference
  • Runnings donated a bee suite and beginner hive

Registration Update

  • Covered dues and check in
  • Covered whether there are group registration or individuals

Club Dues

  • Just covered who can take dues


  • Need to print scholarship forms on the website and some hard copies
  • We may make some money on the conference and we will put that money back into scholarship fund

New Business

Club Polo Shirts

  • Tim showed the group some examples of what the shirts will look like. The polo shirts are $30 but there are other options that can be ordered

Discussion Topics – Initially bypassed this topic and came back to it

  • Winter Tasks and Spring Preparations – excerpts from Tim’s presentation on Sat
    • Covered months of Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb
    • Winter is the time we educate ourselves about bees – it makes the hobby a lot less expensive
    • Tim spoke about being on TV
    • Be thinking 3 months ahead about what you want to do with your bees

*Lots of good group sharing about opening hives and feeding in winter

Update on Field Trips

  • First field trip will be at Tim’s house where will do a NUC introduction
  • We will also do an introduction to beer making
  • Went over a few more field trip dates and that some will on a Saturday
  • All field trips (planned and tentatively scheduled) are on the website

Ordering Spring NUCS and Queens – Jerry Owens

  • Jerry was not present at the meeting
  • Tim covered ordering bees
  • Tim covered that there are 20 Russians Bee NUCs
    • They winter in very small clusters and use very little honey
    • They explode in the spring and need plenty of space
    • Lots of positive discussion about the Russian Bees
  • Spoke about Jerry ordering Queens
  • Several members of the group raise queens as well. Members can ask around if they need a queen

Cheyenne Beekeeping Workshop Information

  • 23 – 24 March 2019: $85 for the event
  • Several different experience levels
  • 4th or 5th largest conference in the states

Any other business?

  • Running’s selling NUCs: $175

Next Meeting: 13 March 2019 at the GF&P Open Campus

    • Setting up your Apiary
    • The importance of keeping a journal

Meeting Closed: Tim called the meeting closed at 7:13pm


Minutes are respectfully submitted by Allen Godsell, Club Secretary, on 14FEB19 at 0930hrs


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Secretary - Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers club
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