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The club meets from 6:00 to 7:00 pm the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus West, 4130 Adventure Trail).  We welcome visitors and potential new club members.

2021 Officers:

2019 Officers:

In Memory

On December 12, 2017 we lost a good friend and very active bee club member, Bob Ashiem.  Bob was the President of our club in 2015 and he gave many, many educational and entertaining presentations to our club members.  He will be very much missed by everyone.  His obituary.

2015-2017 Club Support

2015-2016 Rapid City Ordinance Committee


2018 Officers: President: Jerry Owens, Vice President: Tim Moran, Secretary: Peggy Langley, Treasurer:  Kia Smith

2017 Officers:  President: Rob Roberts, Vice President: Kia Smith, Secretary: Peggy Langley, Treasurer:  Jan Snedigar

2016 Officers:  President: Kia Smith, Vice President: Michelle Grosek, Secretary: Lynnette Epp, Treasurer: Jan Snedigar

2015 Officers: President: Bob Ashiem, Vice President: Susan Nolan, Secretary:  Jan Snedigar, Treasurer: Kia Smith

2014 Officers:  President:  Tom Allen, Vice President: Bill Clements, Treasurer: Jeanie McCallister, Secretary Michelle Hovland, Web, Linda Anderson, FaceBook, Michelle Grosek, Librarian: Dan Mulally

2013 Officers:  President:  Bill Clements, Vice President: Tom Allen, Treasurer: Brenda Whiting, Secretary Michelle Hovland, Web, Linda Anderson, FaceBook, Michelle Grosek, Librarian: Joan Clements

2012 Officers:  President:  Bill Clements, Vice President: Tom Allen, Treasurer: Dani Johnson, Secretary and Webmaster: James Ann Barlean, Librarian: Emma Jane Fennel

2011 Officers:  President:  Lee Alley, Vice President:  Jay Erickson, Treasurer: Nicole Preble, Secretary & Web Master:  Linda Anderson

2010 Officers:  President:  Jerry Owens; Vice President:  Troy Dean, Treasurer:  John Halverson; Secretary:  Patty Pate

The Club Policies and Dues were established in June, 2011.  If you would like to join the club, you may come to one of the meetings and sign up or you may download the following form and mail it, along with the annual dues, to the club treasurer.   Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers ClubRegistrationForm

History of the Club

Jerry Owens began raising honey bees in his spare time and founded the Wannabee  Hobby Beekeepers club in the fall of 2009 hoping to get peole in the Black Hills area raising honey bees.  Since then, and as of January, 2011, about 200 people have joined the club.  Jerry began helping members setup their hives and manage them and plans to continue to do so.   Jerry actively works to educate the public about the benefits and joys of honey beekeeping.

South Dakota and Local Beekeepers