Books and Other Cool Stuff

The Club Librarian for 2019 is Dan Mulally.  The club has several books and videos that members can check out for a month at a time.  Dan provided the following list of books currently in the library.

Dan has numerous American Bee Journal magazines in the library.  The full list of ABJ’s is here.

Dan updated the Library List for 2018.  Some of the publications are listed below and you can download the full list here.

Some of the publications include:

  • A World Without Bees – Time Magazine
  • A Year’s Work in an Out-Apiary
  • ABC XYZ of Bee Culture 41st addition
  • Applying Pesticides Correctly – EPA/USDA
  • Bee Keeping for Dummies
  • Beekeeping and Honeybees
  • Beekeeping Basics – Penn State
  • Beekeeping, Bees, and Making Honey
  • The Beekeepers Bible
  • The Beekeepers Lament – Vivian (how one man and half a billion bees help feed America)
  • Confessions of a Beekeeper
  • Cooking with Honey – Joanne Barrett (Recipes)
  • Guide to Backyard Bees and Honey – Grit Country Skills
  • Guide to Backyard Bees – Missing from Library
  • Homegrown Honeybees and Time Management
  • Honeybee Democracy – Thomas D Seeley
  • Increase Essentials
  • Keeping Bees and Making Honey – Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum
  • Letters From the Hive – Stephen Buchmann (owned by Tom Allen)
  • Managing Insecticide/Honey Bee Problems – Pennwalt Corp
  • Noxious Weed Control : 2003 – SDSU Pamphlet
  • The Professionals Guide to Managing the Insecticide-Honeybee Problem – Pennwalt Corp Pamphlet
  • Top Bar Beekeeping

Good Reads Many of our club members have personal resource libraries and often recommend books to buy (or borrow).  Per member requests, we’ve added this section to the website to allow members to post their book recommendations and any other cool things they find.

Several members recommend these 2 magazines:

Recommended Movies: Jim Green recommends ‘Vanishing of the Bees’ which can be ordered from Netflix either via Streaming or DVD or purchased from places such as  It’s an 87 minute documentary detailing the economic, political and ecological consequences of CCD.

A link to the W.A.S. news letter – May, 2016

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Honey Flow Information

Per discussion in the February Meeting, this blog category will allow our members to post when they see their first honey flow, what area are the bees in, and what major nectar sources are in bloom at that time.  Later, we can accumulate comments from the web site as well as club members log information to come up with an idea of when the honey flow starts and stops in each area.

Don Sargent's Easter Bees

These are Don Sargent’s bees outside of Whitewood on Easter Sunday.  They are bringing in bright orange pollen and some cream colored pollen.   The Bees did not rest on their Easter Sunday.

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Feel free to post any items you have to sale or trade.  Don’t forget to include contact inforamtion.  Please limit the items you wish to sell or trade to BEES and BEEKEEPING items.

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Questions and Answers

Do you have a question about beekeeping?  Have you learned something about beekeeping you would like to share with the rest of the club members?  Post your questions, answers and general information here.

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Give us your feedback !!

Please give us your feedback about this new site.  We would love your ideas, suggestions, links to interesting articles.  Simply add comments.  Note that all comments will be monitored and approved before they appear on the blog to keep spammers and other nasty people from corrupting our site.

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September 2019 Meeting Minutes

9/2019 Meeting Minutes

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April 2019 Meeting Minutes

Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, 17 April 2019
Location: Western Dakota VoTech

Meeting Opened: Tim called the meeting to order at 5:55pm

Old Business

– Nosema Check – Rob and Peggy Roberts *Could not make in tonight Cancelled*

– Club Polo Shirts: We need to go over the orders to ensure

– Scholarship Overview:

o Kia was not at the last meeting and as the Treasurer she did not understand why should send out a check. She had some questions as why she send out the check. Tim gave her the minutes of the last meeting to go over.

o Tim then went over the last meeting with the group and that we had four individuals apply.

o Dan spoke up that he attempted to put a letter together to go with the check.

o Tim stated that he did a send a letter to go with the checks but Kia said she did not see it.

o Jerry stated that he had a hive for one of the applicants. However, equipment was not part of the scholarship program.

New Business

– Foraging Flowers and Healthy Habitat – Darrel Kjerstad

Discussion Points:
Does the mix come back every year?
Answer: Not all but most do come back.

Did the mixture planted was it in full shade?
Answer: This mix was in part shade

Is the mixture a continues bloom
Answer: Yes. It blooms all summer long.

Seems like best bang for the buck sweet clover is the easiest.
Answer: It is one of the best options out there.

– New NUC Demonstration – Jerry Owens
o Demonstration of how to put in a NUC to a starter hive.

– NUC Distribution Plan – Jerry Owens
o Bees are coming in very soon. He is heading Colorado to pick up package bees.
o Distributes at Canyon Lake senior center
 5pm on the 20th
o The 4th of May the NUC will come in. Same distribution location as last year out in the Valley. Early morning pick up but no later that 8am. Around 8pm that night you can pick them up too. After the 4th you will have to make arrangements with Jerry to pick up the NUCs.
o Jerry will put out an email with address and times

Discussion Topics:
– March Cheyenne Workshop

– Dale Freeman: Well run conference with lunches and dinner. Felt like it took him from being a bee haver to a bee manager. Lots of great information on how to split hives.

– JoAnne Matz: Really like the bee math and how they broke down problems in the hive. Bee anatomy was great. Gave them insights on how to read their hive.

– Jennifer Freeman: Great bee anatomy and hive analysis. Found out a lot about mites.

*Tom informed the group that he found out that many of the bees in his hives during winter where actually born in before or in August the summer before. He found this out by inserting a Queen that was dark in August but the bees he found in the hive were still light colored. Moral of the story, if you have a mite problem in late August you “might” be behind the power curve and you really need to treat or your hive may go into the winter with a hive killing mite problem. If you are waiting until October to treat…it is too late. Know where your hive is when it comes to mites. We are managers of mites as well as bee keepers.

– Tim Moran: Almost every presentation discussed mite control.

Discussion: Jerry informed the group that our NUCs will have been treated for mites before being shipped to us. He also gets a certification that all NUCs are disease free.

Summer To Do List

Update on Field Trips
– First trip in May to Tim Moran’s Apiary

Attempt to have a NUC introduction and we will drink some homemade beer.
Tim went into his hive two weeks ago and he had larva and capped brood already.
Best time to do a hive split? Into swarm season…into May to June.

Any other Business?
Some group member hung around to talk summer tasks and other topics.

Next Meeting: 11 May 2019
Tim Moran’s DRB Apiary
4723 Edgewood Drive
Rapid City, SD 57702

Meeting Closed: Tim called the meeting closed at 7:50pm

Minutes are respectfully submitted by Allen Godsell, Club Secretary, on 8 MAY 2019 at 2100hrs

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March 2019 Meeting Minutes

Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, 20 MAR 2019
Location: Game, Fish, and Parks, Outdoor Campus, Rapid City SD


Meeting Opened: Tim called the meeting to order at 6pm

Tim changed agenda to start with Kia’s Treasurers Report:

  • We received plenty of money during the conference
  • In Checking: $4,958.15
  • In Savings: $662.53
  • Total of in accounts: $5,620.60

Conference numbers:

  • Good Will Giving for Refreshments: $140
  • Silent Auction: $100
  • 140 in attendance
  • 3 venders brought in: $75
  • Armory gave a great deal on the venue

Old Business

Review of 16 Feb 2019 Workshop

What went right?

    • Great publicity before event
    • Good coordination before the event
    • Had people from all over at the event so word got out very well
    • Gate fee seemed to at the right price

What can we improve?

    • Will need a larger venue next year
    • Check In at the event will need more people next year. Had four this year and it was just enough.
    • No post event publicity/marketing afterward to tell the story
    • Heating and cooling was up and down

2020 Club Workshop – 15 February 2020 – Western Dakota VoTech will host us

    • Will not charge us anything for use of the event

Review Submitted Scholarships

President needs to assign a chair for the committee

Dean Pelican? Will put a committee together.

$200 to $250 scholarship might needs to be raised

Tim requested a motion to increase the scholarship amount.

Discussion: How many scholarships should we give?

We have three candidate applications for scholarships.

Jerry spoke to Tom Allen having equipment ready to donate to scholarships. Having this equipment will allow us to broaden the program. Believes there about four hives that could be donated.

Some discussion on if we want to write a check to candidates and how do know if they use the money for bee keeping and what is their responsibility back to the club?

Discussion about exactly how much we should give towards the scholarship and if we should combine donated equipment.

Some members just want to give equipment. President reminded the group that the agreement this year was the club would give a monetary scholarship and we should not change mid-stream on those that put applications in.

Motion that we give $200 this year’s applicants for the scholarship.

2nd Dan.

Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.

Club Polo Shirts Available

President showed the table where the shirts and sign up roster is at.

New Business

Treasurer Report – by Kia: completed at the beginning of the meeting.

Discussion Topics:

Setting up your Apiary Considerations

    • All beekeeping is local. Even a few miles apart each beekeeper does it different.
    • Tim described his experience setting up his first hives
    • Discussion of the group:
      • New bees need to be close to check often
      • Hives should be where you can get to them
      • Out of site – keep from prying eyes
      • Spread them out so you have room to work
      • Don’t keep bee to close to each other
      • Level ground clear of clutter is best as hives get heavy
      • Get them where you want them the first time – not that easy to move
      • Think about winter, wind, direction of sun in summer and winter
      • Distance between hives is location specific to each beekeeper
      • Consider your neighbors and know your local rules and regulations
      • Pennington County may consider rules on animals and bees have come up in those discussions.
      • Fence around your hives if you can
      • Have to have a water supply nearby
      • Watch out for dragonflies…they love eating bees

ANTS – how to stop them:

      • Cinnamon – sprinkle it around the hive
      • Cinnamon sticks under the legs of your bench on the blocks

Importance of Journaling

    • If you don’t do it…you should. You have to know what you have done that works and what does not work. Don’t make the same mistakes twice.
    • Group had some limited but good discussion on keeping journals
      • Phone apps
      • Take pictures
      • Get journals from bee courses, online, bee magazines

Update on Field Trips

    • No real updates on them. Still locking them in.
    • First trip in May to Tim Moran’s Apiary

Any other business?

Discussion on a DEADOUT hive and diagnosing what may have happened.

Tim told a story about a beekeeper that kept having his hives die out. After two years he is getting out of the business. Tim showed that the guys inner covers and not one of them had a notch cut out. Thus, he most likely baked his bees in the summer and in the winter…no moisture was able to get out. Tar paper he had on the lid may have given off fumes and it again, had no ventilation.

Tim brought up that there is a location that someone wants bees – get with him

Dan mentioned that there is another area that someone wants bees – get with him

Tim mentioned the workshop in Wyoming this weekend – costs $99 to pre-register $1,000 dollar to just show up but we have a free registration available for someone tonight.

Next Meeting: 10 April 2019 GF&P Open Campus West

Scheduled topics:

    • March Cheyenne Workshop Report
    • New NUC Demonstration
    • Summer to do list


Motion to approve all three scholarships: Motion from – Paul


                                                                        Motion carried by voice vote unanimously

Meeting Closed: Tim called the meeting closed at 7:40pm


Minutes are respectfully submitted by Allen Godsell, Club Secretary, on 17APR19 at 1100hrs



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January 2019 Meeting Minutes

Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 9 January 2019
Location: South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks Outdoor Campus West
Rapid City, SD

Meeting Open: At 6pm club president, Tim Moran, opened the meeting. He called everyone’s attention to the side table where members had been signing in and confirming email addresses. Tim then asked that everyone around the room introduce themselves.

Old Business:

  • Reviewing and finalizing the clubs February Workshop:
    • Volunteer list. Tim read aloud those names of members who had signed up to assist with workshop. Mentioned that the first registration for the workshop had arrived in the mail and that he had received several emails and phones concerning the event.
    • Tim made the recommendation that members register as soon as they can and that information concerning the event still needs to be advertised as much as possible. Flyers are available and have been pushed out; however, club members should grab some of the hard copies and get them distributed as much as possible.
    • Tim made mention that if anyone still wanted to assist with the workshop that they can still sign on to do that – just get with him.
    • Tim then went over the speakers/instructor list for workshop highlighting the Bee Master Open Discussion/Panel.
    • Discussions about the workshop ended with Tim asking the group if they thought a social after the workshop (club members only) would be a good idea. The social would be held at the Coyote Den on Camp Rapid and he would look into getting that set up if the group thought it would be a good idea. No vote; however, consensus of the group was that it was something to pursue.

New Business:

  • Treasurers Report: Item not on the agenda but addressed by Tim – at this meeting there would be no Treasurers Report but that in the future the treasurer report would only be presented once a quarter. Leadership of the group is not attempting to conceal the report, it is that time is limited and if anyone wants to see the numbers, they can, at any time to make a request and the books would be opened.
  • New Club Officers: Tim addressed that at the last meeting, along with his selection as president of the group, that Dan is now the Vice President, Kia remains at her post as Club Treasurer and that Allen offered to be the Club Secretary. Along with the new club officers, Michelle would continue to assist with Facebook postings and Linda Anderson would still be updating the club website. Tim thanked everyone for serving.
  • Non-agenda Floor discussion item: Tim brought up that as a group we need to ensure that experienced members of the group approach newer members, or vice versa, and that mentoring needs to be a big push within the club. He went over a few examples how that can, and does, work.
  • Review of 2019 Calendar of Events. Tim asked the group to reference the club handout for the meeting. He stated that the intent over the next year was to keep at least one season cycle ahead of where the bees should be during the year. This would allow us, as a club, to discuss what we should be doing in the coming months to keep our bees healthy. Tim then covered each month’s topics and addressed if it involved a field trip an apiary of one of the group’s members.
  • Floor discussion item: Question from the floor was if meetings would continue to be on Wednesday nights? Tim answered, yes. Meetings same day, time, and place unless otherwise put out a visit to an apiary.
  • Floor discussion item: From the floor it was brought up that the club needed to ensure that on the monthly agenda a Master Gardner presenter is scheduled. There was much interest conveyed by the group that this be done. Tim pointed out that it is addressed in the month of March but can be better defined. One comment suggested that the workshop should have a Master Gardener speaker as well.
  • Review/Discuss Scholarship Program: Tim brought up that last year the group did not get one application for the scholarship program and that he would really like to see the group hand out some money or equipment to a new beekeeper. Past club president, Jerry, spoke about the scholarship and that there is equipment available as well. Jerry requested that club members donate any equipment which is still in great shape to the scholarship and that this equipment would be stored at Tom’s. Tim pointed out that there were those in attendance that could put in for the scholarship and that information can be found on the club’s website – just fill it out.
  • New Member Sponsors: Tim brought up again that one of the main emphasis of the club should be to mentor new members and that the scholarship program is a great place to start but that club members really need to make an effort in that area.
  • At this point in the meeting, Tim opened it up the floor for questions and discussion – items of note:
    • South Dakota Beekeeper Association Meeting
      • Meeting at the Lodge in Deadwood
      • July 12th and 13th
    • Wyoming Bee College
    • Jerry informed the group that bee nucs this year would be $130 a piece and that package bees will be $135
    • 1St of February group members need to have hives registered with the state. Some members have received notifications to send in their registration.
    • Tim mentioned to the group he will be speaking to the Morning Optimist on the 16th at 7 am. That will be at the Club for Boys in Rapid City. He also stated that he will be on KOTA television on the 29th at noon being interviewed about the upcoming conference.

Next meeting time and location: 13 February 19, Duke Corning Armory on Camp Rapid

Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm

Minutes are respectfully submitted by Allen Godsell, Club Secretary, on 13JAN19 at 1500hrs






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