Club members are encouraged to email their honey-recipe ideas (along with your name(s), where you live and the source of the recipe if it is not your own), to Orchid at the following email address  


James Ann Barlean’s mother Vicki, from Cakes and More, (has been making tasty treats for our club meetings.  Here’s a sampling of the treats she makes (from June 2011 meeting).  (Thanks to Joan Clements for these pictures).



Before cooking with store bought honey, take a look at these 2 articles:

  • Troy Dean submitted this recent article that Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn’t Honey (11/2011)
  • Asian Honey, Banned in Europe, Is Flooding U.S. Grocery Shelves – includes an interview with Richard Adee, Washington Legislative Charman of the American Honey Producers Association.  Scary how much adulterated honey is flowing illegally into our country.  “Another favorite con among Chinese brokers was to mix sugar water, malt sweeteners, corn or rice syrup, jaggery, barley malt sweetener or other additives with a bit of actual honey.  In recent years, many shippers have eliminated the honey completely and just use thickened, colored, natural or chemical sweeteners labeled as honey” (11/2011)
    • Richard Adee of Bruce, SD owns Adee Honey Farms (since 1957) and is the largest beekeeper in America (probably the world) with 80,000 hives.


Homemade Energy Bars

½ c. dry-roasted peanuts
½ c. raisins, craisins, or other dried fruit
½ c. roasted sunflower seed kernels
2 c. raw oatmeal, either old-fashioned or quick
2 c. toasted rice cereal (Rice Krispies or equivalent)
½ c. peanut butter, either style
½ c. packed brown sugar
½ c. honey
1 t. vanilla

  1. In large bowl, mix together the dry ingredients.
  2. In a medium microwave safe bowl, combine the peanut butter, brown sugar, and honey. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Add the vanilla and stir until blended.
  3. Pour the peanut butter mixture over the dry ingredients & stir until coated.
  4. Spoon the mix into an greased 9” x13” pan. Press down firmly. 
  5. Let stand for at least one hour to harden, or place in a slow oven for an hour.

Calories per bar: 225
30 g carbohydrate
6 g protein
9 g fat

Recipe courtesy of the National Peanut Board (www. and modified by Maggie Engler & John Halverson.  For single page version, click here:  Homemade Energy Bars


Strawberry-Honey Jam from the Fearless Kitchen

 Submitted by:  Linda Anderson

 Strawberry-Honey Jam (makes about 8 4-oz jars; approx. cost per serving negligible)


  • 4 cups crushed strawberries (I “crushed” mine in the blender, because I’m lazy.)
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 package powdered pectin
  • 1 ¾ cups honey


  • 8 4-oz canning jars, with lids and bands, all clean and prepared
  • Large saucepan
  • Ladle
  • Boiling-water canner


  1. Combine the berries and lemon juice in the saucepan.
  2. Add the pectin and mix well.
  3. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly, over high heat.
  4. Add the honey and continue to stir until a full rolling boil is reached.
  5. Stir 10 – 12 minutes slowly, until the foaming subsides and the jam feels sticky.
  6. Ladle into the jars with ¼” headroom.
  7. Process 5 minutes in the boiling water canner.
  8. Allow to cool 24 hours, then label and store or eat.


Links to other published recipes — from the National Honey Board — has a section for recipes along with benefits of honey and all about honey.

Honey Soda Made the Easy Way (superior beverage made with honey)

Z’s Grandma’s Cinnamon Rolls (RC Journal Article, August, 2010)

Z ( Czenzi K Reva ) is a local Black Hawk, SD beekeeper.

Here is a recipe for her grandmother’s cinnamon rolls, using fresh honey.
“That recipe is to die for,” she said.  Click here for the Recipe.

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