Honey Bee Sources

  • Bill & Joan Clements (see Dakota Honey and Bee Supply below) are a local source for NUCs
  • John McDowell — Email — is a local source for package honey bees

Dakota Honey and Bee Supply

Bill and Joan Clements
Phone: (605)209-9635
3782 East Highway 44
Rapid City SD 57703
Web Site:

We sell Bees and Beekeeping Supplies. Here are some of the items that we offer:

      • Bees
      • Bee Hives and components (frames, boxes, tops, bottoms, etc)
      • Suits and Gloves
      • Smokers
      • Hive Tools
      • Bulk jars
      • and more

BeeWeaver Apiaries

Florence has been researching bee suppliers and found the following site that claims to have bred genetically resistant stock.  They are from Lynn Grove, TX and they have been serving the beekeeping community with quality bees and queens for 120 years.  They say through breeding, they have bred a strain of honey bees that are even mite-resistant.  And they say their bees have been chemical-free for over 10 years.  You can read more about them at their website:

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

In business more than 30 years in North Carolina.  Call 1-800-BEESWAX or visit

Dadant & Sons

For commercial and hobby beekeepers.  They claim to be America’s oldest & largest manufacturer of beekeeping supplies.  Out of Hamilton, IL – or phone (217)847-3324

DRB Beekeeping and Supplies, LLC

4723 Edgewood Drive
Rapid City, South Dakota 57702
Work/Cell: 605 430-9404

Locally made Hive Sets

Tim Moran has a contract with a local wood working shop and can now make available  New Painted Hive Sets – $225.00 (plus tax).  A 10 Frame Hive Sets include: 1 solid bottom board;2 deeps with new frames and foundation; 2 supers with new frames and foundation; Inner and outer covers and entrance reducer!! (that’s an 18% to 20% savings on MSRP). Military members (active or retired) receive an additional 5% discount.  All items are made to commercial specifications and standards! 

DRB is now taking orders via FB private messenger, email or phone call for NEW deeps, supers, bottom boards, top and inner covers and frames/foundation as well as NEW beehive sets/with frames. Orders will require a 25% deposit and will be filled in priority of order no later than March 15, 2020. New painted – 10 Frame Hive Sets include 1 solid bottom board, 2 deeps with new frames/foundation; 2 supers with new frames/foundation; inner and outer covers and entrance reducer which will sell for $225.00 plus tax.  We can also make 8 Frame Hive sets or special order sets.

NEW Individual item prices are as follows (well below MSRP):

10 Frame Painted Deep w/frames and foundation = $46.50
10 Frame Painted Super w/frames and foundation = $43.25
Painted Telescoping Cover = $22.50
Inner Cover = $10.00
Painted Solid Bottom Board = $18.00
Entrance Reducers = $1.55

New Assembled Deep Wooden Frames w/waxed foundation = $3.50 Each
New Assembled Super Wooden Frames w/waxed foundation = $3.25 Each

Order your hive supplies today!

Mann Lake

For commercial and hobby beekeepers; numerous locations.  They claim to be the largest manufacturer w/the largest inventory of beekeeping supplies.  or phone (800) 880-7694

  • Jerry Owens / ADR Bees is a local supplier for Mann Lake.  If you find something you want, Jerry may have it in-stock or can get it for you.  (605)381-9986